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22h - 1h30
60 min
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La Jetée, 1962

Chris Marker

Made up of a sequence of photograms with the exception of one filmed shot, the movie La Jetée figures among the greatest science-fiction masterpieces. “This is the story of a man marked by an image from his childhood.” Opening with these words, the film tells of the experiments carried out on the man to return to the defining moment because, after the Third World War that has destroyed Paris, the only way to save the planet is by returning to the past.

© Jean-Luc Lagarce

Portrait, 1993

Jean-Luc Lagarce

Two years before he died, the French director Jean-Luc Lagarce created a short, poignant self-portrait.


© Valérie Winckler

Peines, 1991

Valérie Winckler

“Mom, why is Dad in prison?” This is the opening of the film Peines. It portrays the life of a family over a year and a half as it comes and goes between the prison and the housing project, while the “peines”
(sentences/sorrows) prove to be multiple.

Carte blanche: Les Nuits photographiques

© Robert Cahen

Karine, 1976

Robert Cahen

Attentive, curious, pensive, sensitive, small yet already big… Karine, photographed from her birth to her 6th birthday, grows and changes before our eyes. Marked by time-lapse shots, the photos come to life. The child’s expression, her emerging femininity, her way of existing in the world and the irreversible change are images that stay with us.