It’s your turn to play!

Chronophotograph yourself!

Have fun with your family and discover the techniques of 19th century photography, the pinhole camera and time-lapse photography!

© Olivier Perrenoud

© Olivier Perrenoud

15h - 1h30

A proposal by Olivier Perrenoud & Victor Petracca

Chronophotography, or time-lapse photography, was invented in 1882 by Etienne-Jules Marey to answer all of these questions. Fascinated by the scientific study of living beings in movement, Marey developed this photographic technique that consists of taking a succession of images at regular intervals. By breaking down the movement into successive exposures, chronophotography allows us to “stop time” in order to see the stages of actions that would otherwise be invisible.

Try it yourself! Your movement will be broken down on a photograph:

  • Be inspired by historical images
  • Move in front of the camera
  • Watch the result!

Unheard photographs

Come see photographs like you have never heard!

© Michel Cavalca

© Michel Cavalca

The metamorphrasis hat
3pm - 5pm

“Unheard photographs” performance

A proposal by Cocteau Mot Lotov & Stéphane Lam

Cocteau Mot Lotov and Stéphane Lam shed a new light on the works in the Musée de l’Elysée’ collections through vocal frescoes. Share your impressions, your inspirations and the emotions aroused by the museum’s works in poetry. These photos cum poems are presented, read and set to music on an open stage by the two artists – a “happening” where the Lausanne slam scene is invited to share this moment with spectators of all ages.

Upstream of the Nuit des images, the Photophonists
A one-hour slam workshop organized on Wednesday, June 24, at 2pm and 5pm, and Thursday, June 25, at 6:30pm.

At the Nuit des images, the metamorphrasis hat
In front of a selection of works from our collections, drop your notes into the hat. They will be picked out by the slammers during the performance at 7:30pm.

At the Nuit des images, “Unheard photographs” performance
A slam performance based on the notes composed by the public during the Nuit des images and the workshops.


BYOB - Bring Your Own Beamer

Exhibition concept developed for the occasion by the artist Rafaël Rozendaal, BYOB multiplies the screens at the Nuit des images.

© Musée de l’Elysée

© Musée de l’Elysée


A proposal by Manuel Sigrist with NEAR

BYOB (Bring your own beamer) is an outdoor laboratory, a source of creativity and exchange where the only constraint is that you must bring your own projection equipment, whatever it may be. This year, the Musée de l’Elysée has invited photographers from NEAR to take over a space at the heart of the Nuit des images.