The guest of the Nuit / Eldorado

Carte blanche Guy Meldem and Tarik Hayward

A large mixed-media sculpture made of metal and projected mud. A movie theater in ruins or a high-definition separation barrier, this structure is the support for the projection of three films. Against a background of modernist contradictions and failed ideals, the image deteriorates when it comes in contact with the matter.

3pm - 1:30am (interruptions at 11pm and 0:30am)

41 min

Grande Dixence, 1960

Claude Goretta

The tallest gravity dam in the world. A thousand workers in the midst of a tireless and relentless machinery. Stunning images in black and white, with a descriptive commentary punctuated with allegorical accents. The myth of modern times.

20 min

Float, 2015

Philippe Daerendinger

Battersea Power Station, London. The old electric power plant with its four chimneys, which is featured on the cover of the Pink Floyd’s album, Animals, is undergoing a complete renovation. The images of this worksite are taken from around the site and focus, in particular, on the communication strategies at play, the rhetoric of real estate development and the benefits of gentrification.

90 min

Mad Max, 1979

George Miller

An epic and degenerate dystopian wasteland. A decadent, post-modern Western. A frenetic ode to speed, wild and wacky.