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© Bertrand Stofleth, série Rhodanie

Rhodanie, 2007 – 2015

Bertrand Stofleth

He followed the course of the Rhone for over 850 km, from its source in the Valais glacier to its mouth into the Mediterranean. The artist constructs a dialogue between the riverscape and the border area around it, examining what plays out there between the fantasy of nature that remains untamed and its profoundly domesticated character.

Signing: 19h – On Print

© Marco Frauchiger/Brown Bear Institute Bern

M13, 2016

Marco Frauchiger

“For the past two and a half years, I was looking for Bears in Switzerland. I was walking through the forest. Sometimes it felt like there must be a Bear right behind the next tree. But it never happened. As further I came into this forest, I found out there are no Bears anymore. Then I started looking for Bears in locations such as museums, zoos, archives, bear pits. Finally I found the Bear.”

© La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot)

Single ladies, autoportrait à l’autoradio, 2016

La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot)

An umbrella starts twerking to the rhythm of a Beyoncé hit playing on a far-off car radio.

© Julie Bourges

Umbra, 2016

Julie Bourges (photos), François de Montremy (video)

“My shadow covers the walls, the dizzying reflection of my absence. Time stands still. The town no longer exists. I am accompanied by solitude populated with images, dreams and memories. My ghosts multiply, slipping over the walls. Umbra: from the Latin,
meaning shadow, shade or phantom.”

 © Peter Downsbrough

© Peter Downsbrough

THE [AS, 2015

Peter Downsbrough

Peter Downsbrough’s latest film is about Geneva’s airport. With moving images, he manages to capture the complexity of the architecture. The temporal quality of the medium is a crucial element of the film and allows the artist to continue his examination of our relationship with architectural space.

Carte blanche : MAMCO

 © Mario Del Curto

© Mario Del Curto

Colossal, 2016

A project by the association Un Autre Regard
Images : Bastien Genoux, Alban Kakulya, Mario Del Curto

Hosting a work such as Danielle Jacqui’s Le Colossal is no mean feat. 36 tons of ceramic will be arriving to cover the annex of the Ferme des Tilleuls. Creations reflecting a lifetime’s work are rare and arouse giddy sensation in everyone who stands before the creative depth and inventive frenzy of certain artists.

Carte blanche : La Ferme des Tilleuls

 © Peter Charaf

© Peter Charaf

Notre conscience plastique, 2016

Peter Charaf

In 2015, the Race for Water Foundation took stock of the planet’s plastic pollution during a ten-month expedition around the world, joined by the photographer and filmmaker Peter Charaf. Plastic has invaded our daily lives and above all, our oceans. The scale of pollution from plastic is now very alarming and the health risks are commensurate with this unprecedented ecological disaster.