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© Mathilde Helene Pettersen

I need a kiss before they leave, 2016

Mathilde Helene Pettersen

Mathilde Helene Pettersen’s work I need a kiss before they leave can be seen as a sensitive family portrait expressing the anxiety and sincerity of motherhood. It could even show an active feminist action when, as a woman, you photograph your own children and integrate the work into your artistic practice.

© David Magnusson

Purity, 2010 – 2014

David Magnusson

In Purity, Swedish photographer David Magnusson portrays young girls and their fathers who participate in Purity Ball ceremonies in the United States, where the girls promise to abstain from sex until they marry, and their fathers pledge to support them in their choices.

© Suzanne Opton, 2013

Empty Gesture, 2013

Suzanne Opton

Empty Gesture is a whimsical look at factory workers in India who are in danger of losing their jobs due to modernization. The scene is an ayurvedic medicine factory in Kanjikode, South India. Hundreds of different medicines are made from a huge variety of wild and cultivated herbs, sticks, bark, and stones.


© Caixa de Sapato, Cia de Foto, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Colección Jan Mulder, Lima, Perú.

Caixa de Sapato, 2008

Collectif Cia de Foto

The Brazilian collective Cia de Foto (Rafael Jacinto, Pio Figueiroa, João Kehl and Carol Lopes) offers a film that tests cohabitating with family members, everyday life, and the intimacy and affection that bond a family.

© Jürgen Nefzger

Das Wasser des Lebens
(The Water of Life, L’eau de la vie), 2014

Jürgen Nefzger

“I started to record things the day my mother died. The still lives are the last memories of a home where I grew up and which I left a very long time ago before moving to France. Nothing in the house has really changed since then except that my parents are not here anymore. Throughout the following summer, I emptied the house, keeping what I could and giving or throwing away almost everything. From room to room, the film turns into a portrait of my mother and a reflection on the feeling of loss materialized by light, dust and
time itself.”

© K.Pichler/C.Marschall/Edition Patrick Frey

Golden days before they end, 2012 – 2016

Klaus Pichler (photos), Clemens Marschall (texts)

Golden days before they end is a swan song for a special kind of wine bar in Vienna, Austria. For many customers, these are the only places to find somebody to talk to. Once you’ve joined the family, you stick together and you drink together – all day, every day… The only sign betraying the ravages of time is people dying.

Carte blanche: Edition Patrick Frey

 Waiting 01 © Jason Larkin

Waiting 01 © Jason Larkin


Nicolas Henry, Jason Larkin, Sabelo Mlangeni, Thom Pierce, Julia Runge

POPCAP is the International Prize for Contemporary African Photography awarded annually to five artists whose work was done in an African country or engages with the African diaspora. The artists presented have been selected from 900 applicants from 94 countries by a panel of 20 international judges.

Carte blanche: POPCAP