On Print  

A forum for encounters and discoveries, On Print reveals the diversity of the alternative Swiss publishing landscape

3pm - 10pm

M-éditons sur les nouveaux territoires éditoriaux

A proposal by Florence Grivel (RTS)

On Print is the occasion to present art publishers: some are pioneers in their field; others have chosen continuity. Come meet the actor-authors who make artists’ books, intangible books, book-catalogues. Take the opportunity to reflect on the current state of photography publishing, which is increasingly finding its way outside of specialized publishing houses.

4:30pm - 5:30pm

© Roberto D'Addona


This year, the Abstract art gallery (Espace abstract), located in the Flon district in Lausanne, is presenting Roberto d’Addona's project, “L’attesa”, that bears testimony to the economic and cultural reality of southern Italy. The latest FLAC (Fondation Lausannoise pour l’Art Contemporain) publications are also presented, and the publication that celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Abstract art gallery is revealed to the public for the first time.

© Alessandro Mercuri


The book as a fictional exhibition space has been the focus of the art&fiction collective since its beginnings in Lausanne in 2000. Unique and unusual schemes are invented, collectioners invited, mobile and inaccessible libraries created. This editorial laboratory already has a catalogue that includes more than 120 titles today.

© Anna Meschiari/Article 60


Photographic creation wholeheartedly contributes to the editorial project of the ten annual issues of ARTICLE 60. With decompartmentalization as the aim, the magazine, which is sold on newsstands and by subscription, addresses social and cultural questions through the prism of community groups in French-speaking Switzerland.

Signings: Anna Meschiari, Tilo Steireif, Delphine Schacher

© Roger Eberhard

b.frank books

b.frank books was founded by Zurichborn photographer Roger Eberhard in 2011. The Swiss publishing house is run by Eberhard and Ester Vonplon and currently publishes four to six books a year. b.frank books’ main focus is the photographic artist’s book, presenting the work of young artists from all over the world.

Signings: Roger Eberhard, Jenny Rova, Ester Vonplon



Centre de la photographie Genève

Founded in 1984, the Geneva Photography Center has acted as a research laboratory since 2001, with four to six exhibitions and two to three books published each year. It develops new forms to present and interpret photography in relation to other arts and contemporary society as a whole.

© davel 14

davel 14 éditions

The davel 14 publishing house was created in Cully in 2003, the outcome of a partnership between the artists and Carmilla Schmidt, bookbinder by profession and director of the gallery of the same name. Published in very limited numbers, several of these rare and unique objects are directly or indirectly related to photography.

© ECAL/Axel Crettenand


Considered to be one of the top ten art and design schools in the world, ECAL produces a dozen books each year. The most recent include: 1020 Renens, Diversions, ECAL Photography, ECAL Yearbook 2014, Heart of Glass, René Berger: l’art vidéo, as well as Vertige des correspondances.

© Editions A l’Envers

Editions A l’Envers

“At Editions A l’Envers (Villeneuve), we love books, those that are made with beautiful paper, that smell like ink, and that you can touch, read, reread, wear out, smell, share, give away, love. They are printed in series or in limited editions in intaglio.”

© David Gagnebin-de Bons

© David Gagnebin-de Bons

Editions Circuit

The Circuit Center of Contemporary Art in Lausanne is one of the key art platforms in French-speaking Switzerland. Created and directed by artists, it is an important hub for research and creation. Since 1998, it has produced a large number of original artists’ works under the label Editions Circuit.

© HEAD – Genève, Emmanuelle Bayart

Editions HEAD

Students from the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD) are presenting a profusion of books, magazines and editorial productions developed in partnership with the artists, in particular, Micro-édition, Sortie papier, Pinterest, Hard Copy and many others.

© Olivier Lovey

Editions NEAR

NEAR, the Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography, carries out different editorial projects (books and exhibition catalogues) in order to promote its members. Memorabilia by Olivier Lovey will be published this summer, the second volume in a series of books edited with Till Schaap Editions.

© Editions Ripopée

Editions Ripopée

The small publishing house, Ripopée, based in Nyon, is devoted to contemporary production and to artists specialized in drawing, writing and photography. It publishes artists’ notebooks and limited editions of books. To present them, it organizes events in galleries, at book fairs and in art spaces.

© Yves Suter

Hakuin Verlag

The Hakuin Publishing Company was founded in 2009 in Zurich, the result of the collaboration between artists from Hamburg, London and Zürich. The company independently publishes the unique and personal projects of the collective and of its friends.



© Christian Lutz/Vu’


Created in Geneva in 1994, the Héros- Limite publishing house is specialized in poetic prose, stories, text and picture books that find their meaning in the search for a form and thus give life to the expression of an artistic practice.

Signing: Christian Lutz



IIDPURE is an independent publishing house located in Morges that is specialized in the well-defined areas of the graphic arts and photography. Created in the wake of the magazine IDPURE, recognized by professionals, this publishing house defends the know-how, graphic standards and fundamental values of a book.

© Gregor Brändli & LASSO


LASSO is a Basel-based magazine devoted to the arts and literature. It gathers different texts and images and puts them together, much like a portable exhibition in the form of a magazine. LASSO is particularly interested in dialogues and confrontations between different creative forms. The theme of the latest issue of LASSO is “Brave New World”.

© Ultraeditions


Ultraeditions, based in Vevey, proposes to record for posterity the works of artists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators with little postcard notebooks put together with great care and quality – 100% Swiss made! In the Internet era, Ultraeditions lets us rediscover the postcard and take the time to draw words and write landscapes.


© YET magazine

YET magazine

YET magazine is a triannual photography publication that showcases editorials and photographic series from artists worldwide. YET aspires to explore the artist’s work in depth to discover what lies beneath, to find out what it is the photographer wants to convey and why.


© Reto Duriet

La librairie du Musée de l’Elysée

Specialized in contemporary photography, the bookstore of the Musée de l’Elysée proposes a choice of books for both beginners and professionals in the graphic arts. The spotlight is on young photography during an encounter with Swiss photographers selected for reGeneration3. Discover their original projects in the exhibition’s catalogue. Alma Cecilia Suarez presents a film of her final-year project, Jannis (© ECAL), selected by Aperture Foundation in the category of First Photobook Awards 2014. Come share your ideas about the revival of the photographic scene with these young artists!


  • 18h - 19 Sabine Weiss
  • 18h - 19h Laurence Rasti & Magdalena Barany
  • 19h - 20h Alma Cecilia Suarez

© René Burri/Collections Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne


For the museum’s 30th anniversary, ELSE gets a facelift: with its new graphic design and a new editorial committee, the magazine intends to explore uncharted waters and to defend the plurality of the contemporary photographic scene. In each issue, ELSE will present photo series from around the world, accompanied by a portfolio dedicated to the museum’s collections. For this new issue, discover the improbable collages of the Swiss photographer René Burri! Published twice a year, in June and in November, ELSE is available on subscription and at all good bookstores.